Manny Becerra

Hear from community members about their experiences with the Climate Judiciary Project’s events and resources.

It’s been truly a privilege. I am welcomely absorbing everything that has been brought to us and I look forward to carrying that forward and paying it forward...

Judge Sam Scheele
Lake Superior Court, Civil Division – Indiana

These cases are coming to our front door. The science is evolving, and we must ensure we have a baseline of knowledge so we’re prepared to handle the challenges these cases will present.

Justice Stacy Boulware Eurie
Third Court of Appeal - California

With the growth in climate-related litigation, judges need this kind of education to be prepared to weigh scientific evidence and make better informed decisions. I commend the ELI team for its creativity, diligence, and success to date in meeting this need.

Larry Kramer
Former President, William + Flora Hewlett Foundation

I’m really energized by the program.... I think it’s going to be essential. There’s a lot of information coming at us, the judiciary, that we need to understand... to be able to deal with these issues effectively.

judge participant

[Judges] need to have the scientific background to understand the science, to know what resources to look for,... to know what questions to ask people.... We have a legal need to be gatekeepers about good and bad science.

judge participant

[The program] has caused me to think more about climate litigation, both in terms of the breadth of the cases that are going to be affected and the types of issues that are going to come up.

judge participant
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